That Week Just Gone

Ah. Half Term Break.

Chance for peace, relaxation, and reconnecting with the family… Or something. Well basically thats I called playing Super Mario Wonder. (Which lets face it. It coming out just before half term is, AMAZING).

One day into half term we already employed all the negotiation skills we had in order to leave the house as a family this morning. Apparently, we were being totally out of line for not wanting to spend all day in the house.

Adulting Fail of The Week

So you know when a work thing goes wrong enough that you have a go to approach to make it happen?

Basically the idea is,

I record a podcast at work.

I edit, and export the podcast.

The export fails.

I take the laptop home, try it, it works. (Picture me shrugging)

So I did that this week.

Except the laptop didn’t come home.

I obviously only realised this once I got home and reached for the laptop.

Cue me going back onto my bike to cycle back into town… And having heart palpitations over missing the parcels being delivered… oh. And the school run.


Still annoyed at The Government

The Government – wins Uxbridge by-election – “We will change government policy to help wreck the planet”

The Government – loses EVERY OTHER by-election – “Well… we cant read too much into this, the public want us to get on with the 5 things we say we’re apparently doing”

Next Week: Its half term…

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