That Week Just Gone

Well the week started weirdly.

It was like I was losing my voice.

Never done that before. But I wasn’t losing my voice like a normal human being. I was able to speak, but my voice sounded like a drugged-out version of myself, who had just spent the night screaming into the ear of a mate at a bar somewhere.

And that was when I was putting effort into it.

I guess the good news is that weirdness has now gone. And my asthma has kicked in, reminding me of its constant need to slow down my oxygen intake.

But at least I can now speak. (Or sadly I do not have the excuse to speak less, depending on your point of you)

Adulting Fail of The Week

Like a dutiful human being, I went to sort out the guinea pigs that we have one evening.

I came back, with little bites all over me.

(I struggle with the hay we use for some reason, we dont have mini lethal guinea pigs that like to bite)

So, I figured I would grab the can of bug bite spray.

Sprayed it over my hands, my fingers on both hands.

Put it back, next to the bug spray.

Turns out the spray plaster looks alot like bug spray.

And my hands were covered in this tiny plastic-like stuff, gradually forming all over my hands.

Still annoyed at The Government


I tried watching this.

Almost threw my phone to places.

Next Week: I’ll be looking forward to a peaceful week off for half term. Thats how it works right?

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