That Week Just Gone

Its occured to me,

The last thing I wrote on this blog was about going back to the office (after a week away), and how rude that felt.

That was three weeks ago.

I didn’t think work had broke me. Honest?

Adulting Fail of The Week

There I am, cycling along,

And I felt my left foot get tight, attaching itself to the pedal – a bit, too, much.

At that point I realize.

The long shoelace, I was warned about.

It comes back and haunts me.

After some weird cycling, while going around a bus, I pulled onto a pavement and stopped at a bench.

Yanking my lace free, my sense of freedom lasts for 0.2 seconds, as my bike pedal hits the pavement at the same time.

The echo of the bike pedal hitting the floor will haunt me for a while.

Still annoyed at The Government

When David Cameron is the answer,

How bad is the question?


For the record.

Homelessness is not a lifestyle choice.

If you think it is, you probably vote Tory.

What I’m watching.

Next Week: I guess I’ll be questioning my life choices in respect to Black Friday.

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