That Week Just Gone

Well that was Half Term.

Its been nice. I’ve drank wine.

Adulting Fail of The Week

I say nice,

Theres been parts that has been quite wild.

For example, I ended up waking up in a church one morning,

After getting lost,

Thankfully, my daughter helped me get home by using the map.

(This is in Minecraft by the way)

As she watches me try and more back where I should be, she let out this sigh.

“Why did you go so far”

The disappointment in her voice was… tangible.

All I could muster was an “I’m sorry”.

Minecraft is still awesome by the way.

Still annoyed at The Government

Oh what in the fresh heck is this?

Casual reminder. Halving inflation, compared to how crazy it is now, just means the prices are going up not as crazy fast. Doesn’t mean we can afford anything useful, like oxygen.

Next Week: I’m back to work. In the office. For 9am… Almost feels rude.

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