With confirmation that the kids are not going back before the Summer, I guess that whatever “this” is, is now going to be what we’re all dealing with for a while.

Therefore I figured I would start writing some sort of weekly diary of sorts, a chronicle of what we’ve been up to, geocaching successes, and how we have failed as functioning adults.

This weeks Geocache Score Cards.

Geocaches searched for: 4.
Geocaches found: 0.
Comments: bugger.

Adulting fail.

Elderflower picked.
Ingredients sorted.
Elderflower fermented.
Elderflower wine ready to be bottled.
No bottles…

It’s ok to drink all the Homebrew in one go right? Asking for a friend…

Work From Home Lesson

Hide the flipping skates before a Zoom meeting.

Still annoyed at The Government?

Yeap. Particularly Prime Minister Cummings.

Quote of the week.

“Mummy, do you remember when we moved into this house, and the house was really clean?”

Let’s see if I remember to do this next week…

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