That Week Just Gone.

Hello and welcome to Limbo. Yes. Limbo. All people seem to know, is that Coronavirus numbers are going up, the rules seem somewhat weird, there are rumours that there will be further rules coming out. Yet – its all one big waiting game, and no one really flipping knows whats going on.

This blog probably looks like in some sort of limbo as well. Basically it looks like the whole socially distance kids party happened, then… nothing. Well not much…

Flip. That reads a bit blah. Sorry about that.

Adulting fail.

When you there, trying to pour more water into the kettle, just after it’s been emptied, it’s generally wiser to let it cool down before you open it, and putting your arm over the hot steam coming out….

Philosopher of the week

Still annoyed at The Government?

The messaging from the government seems to be “interesting” this week… On one hand…

You! British Public! You became to complacent!

And then…

Get back to the cinema!

(I do like the cinema by the way)

Quote of the week.

“Daddy? Splash?”

(On a side note, wearing sandals on a “wet walk” may not have been the most sensible thing I’ve done for a while)

Hopefully, we’ll all have something a bit more interesting (in a good way) over the next week.

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