That Week Just Gone

It feels weird to think that a week ago I was rambling on about new rules coming. Now the tiers are here, we have the new rules, and… they kinda feel like the old rules.

The good news is that Coronavirus cases in our local student population seems to be decreasing, cases in the wider community on the other hand…

Adulting fail.

Its late. I’m thirsty. I’m thinking ribena…

I grab a glass tumbler.

I grab the bottle.

I start pouring the red wine.

The World According to Kids

Quiller: “going fast. Like going around the world in one second.”

Still annoyed at The Government?

On one hand there is an argument happening over if protecting / saving people is worth the economic impact. On the other hand, the Brexit Death Cult that calls itself the government has just started saying there will be no deal, oh and its the fault of companies for not being more prepared.

Seriously, has there been a government that has created more anxiety since we got dragged into the second gulf war?

Quote of the week.

“Daddy? One minute?”

(What I hear 20 times when I try and sneak out of her room at night.)

Should we start taking bets on what crazy new thing our government are going to do next?

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