Here’s the thing,
I have one hit left, and then I’m finished.
Do I stop there, or do I keep going and risk becoming demon food? (Or indeed, do I reach the exit?)

Yes, I’m playing Doom.
Yes, along with what feels like most the of the world, our gaming time has increased massively this year.
And yes, that may have influenced our daughter.

Animal Crossing was just the start,
It’s now not unusual for us to spend time on a Sunday morning playing Super Mario, Sonic, or Rocket League.

Gaming has started influencing our work as well,
Where we are looking at how Gaming can give us a space to discuss Mental Health.

Which brings us to this little post.
Do I start writing about gaming, parenting, and Mental Health? It’s not like I’m an expert in any of those things.
Do I hit publish? Or do I just leave this as a random note somewhere on my phone?

In case you wondered,
I died.

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