That Week Just Gone

When I first started this little journal thing, I did wonder how long it would all go on for.

And even then, it felt like discontent with the government was mostly just over Dominic Cummings. Felt like a simpler time.

How far forward are we setting the clocks this week?

Adulting fail.

Scene: Small one is on a zoom call doing a scavenger hunt with Brownies. She comes running in my direction.

Small One: “I’m looking for a W thing…”

Me: “W…. W….. Whisky?”

We’re not sure if we were on mute or not at that point….

Philosopher of the week

“In always protecting ourselves against endings we also prevent beginnings”

Sam Conniff & Alex Barker – How to: Be More Pirate

Still annoyed at The Government?

In the midst of trying to work out a deal with a community of a number of countries – all working together – it seems our government find themselves unable to make a deal with one of our main cities.

Thats the start of the week.

And then there was that vote on free lunches.

Someone please remind me, how much money did the government pay for an out of date version of Excel… but starving kids?

Quote of the week.

“I do not want to kiss a pumpkin, like I do not want to kiss a frog”

Last week I ended by saying…. “Should we start taking bets on what crazy new thing our government are going to do next?

Flip… I shouldn’t be allowed to wonder about out government out loud…

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