That Week Just Gone

Well Lockdown v2. Thats a treat isn’t it. Its a bit like Lockdown, but with extra confusion, darker nights, and terrible weather.

All this and a child who doesn’t want to get dressed on a weekend, which on one hand I can understand. On the other hand, when did she become a teenager?

Still annoyed at The Government

Monday. I was going to write something ranty about the government, but I got distracted by something.

Probably bedtime.

Now its a case of, should I rant about Boris making a great case for Scottish independence?

Or do we look at Priti Patel, and how a report into her behaviour has been ignored by Boris? Well perhaps ignored is the wrong word, as he apparently wanted it become more “palatable”. “Not caring about an accurate outcome” could arguably be more accurate?

Is someone out there keeping a list of what you can get away with in government? Could be an interesting collection… bullying… driving to test eye sight….

Quote of the week.

Little One: Do you know what the day is?

Me: Saturday?

LO: No. It’s Topsy’s birthday.

Me: Isn’t that the first of December? (Click here for when we last talked about this)

LO: Noooooo?!?????

But hey. Next week. Its all about Christmas. And curry. But mostly Christmas.

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