That Week Just Gone

When I first started this weekly thing, it was an attempt to chronicle / keep sane in the midst of a pandemic.

Hands up if you really felt we’d still be in it?

Oh and big news from this week! We actually went geocaching again!

Adulting fail.

You know… I’m not going to take responsibility for this.

But what sort of food delivery company drops leaflets over to areas that they don’t deliver to? Just for someone to start planning their food around said takeaway…

(Actually it was probably for the best, and it meant that we got take out from a local pub, not the tax avoiding / union dodging uber company.)

This weeks Geocache Score Cards

Drum roll please.

We looked for: 8

We found: 8

Its possible that we’ve found our geocaching niche in areas near main roads, hanging around street corners, that sort of thing…

Quote of The Week

“I’m a tinsel monster!!!”

Still annoyed at The Government

Boris reckons back to some sort of normality by Easter.

Did he say which bloody year?

Next Week. Schools are going back? Right?

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