That Week Just Gone

Let me take you back to Sunday, when I first started typing this…

It’s not the first time it’s happened.

I published last weeks round up, and the flipping world is turned upside down. Basically against the back drop of unions following scientific advice, the small ones school decided to close, and go down the remote learning route.

Which at the time of writing is kinda making me want to take another 2 weeks off work. (Just to help survive the two weeks home schooling).

It’s a pain. But at least we know where we stand. Which is better then waiting for Boris to possibly change his mind.

Turns out Boris announced his mind was changed the following evening, and my comments about about “two weeks”, was the most innocent thing I’ve ever typed.

In all seriousness, the school seems to be doing remote schooling so flipping well – and if you’re a teacher – I flipping love you.

Adulting fail.

Oh I’ve been well behaved this week.

What I mean is that I’ve done nothing stupid. (As far as I know)

Well… there are the shopping slots we’ve not booked in yet…. food boxes not ordered… emails… not replied to.

So I guess standard… every day adulting fails. Nothing silly…

(Apart from a thing about a car battery that we’ve not really done anything with… but that wasn’t my fault)

This weeks Geocache Score Cards

Geocaches looked for: 5

Geocaches found: 4

We have a suspicion that geocache number 5 can be found in what is basically an actual flipping river.

And the small one won’t let me climb down, go in and check…
She probably has an accurate idea of how bad it will go…

Quote of The Week

“Daddy you stay with me!!!!”

Mostly only said at bedtimes. They’re going well – again.

Still annoyed at The Government

Sunday Government: “Send your kids to school – they are safe!”

Monday evening: (after the schools were open for a day): “Schools are closed – remote learning everyone!”

Schools: *Do a crazy amount of work to make this work in approx less then 12 hours*

Wednesday Government: “If Schools aren’t good enough, parents should complain to Ofsted”

Wednesday / Thursday Parents: *Everyone overloads Ofsted praising schools*

Honourable mentions include: that thing about Gavin Williamson didn’t help families with access to internet, that thing about the new vaccine being delayed because of Brexit (apparently), and previous support of Donald Trump. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something…

Next week: Lets do the time warp again and relive May 2020.


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