That Week Just Gone

So. Kids are getting ready to come back from school.

Theres talk of a covid wave in Europe.

Sunak wants us all the office.

Obviously still bloody March.

Adulting fail

Well. We’re about to have our bathroom refurbished, (don’t be mistaken, its because of help from family – its not like we’ve adulted successfully enough to sort this on our own, but anyway…), we have been emptying it out over the last few days, and my task was simple.

Take the some what cheap looking cupboards of the hook that’s keep them on the wall. Just lift and pull…

I lifted. Pulled. Pushed. Pulled another. I considered taking the bloody wall off. (Thinking about it that might have been overkill).

The good lady wife looks at me.

Walks over.

Reach’s up. takes the cupboard down.


Quote of the week

“I’m not going to do that”

Small One – after I asked if putting a live chicken into the fire would make a roast chicken. (We were playing Zelda. For the record)

Still annoyed at The Government

Anyone else remember September?

And the whole go back to work thing from the Tories because post sandwich places like Pret were struggling? (oh and also landlords who make money from renting office spaces?)

Remember how everyone started getting sick again, and that argument was quietly dropped?

The man who totally wants to be the next PM is trying it again – but this time he’s arguing that workers might quit if their employer doesn’t offer them the wonderful chance of making the journey into work, putting themselves in a place where they may well spend money on lunch (as its something to get away from the desk), just to make the journey home again. I figured people were meant to wait until they were PM to show how out of touch they were.

Also. The next bit of crazy from the brain trust known at the department for education?

Every child should listen to Mozart, Beethoven, Kate Bush and Destiny’s Child in primary school under a major overhaul of the music syllabus. 

Under the Department for Education’s new music curriculum in England, primary schools have been given a list of 37 pieces which every child should know. 

The Independent.

Nothing about a focus on wellbeing, childrens welfare, making memories, or anything like that. Its Mozart.

And knowing the Tories, they will probably be tested within an inch of their lives on that as well.

Anyway. Next week. It will still be March. Again. Because every month feels like bloody March. Lets just give it a different name. March 2020 version 14. Perhaps this time it will go right.

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