That Week Just Gone

You can tell who the old people are in Exeter this week. Those who remember the Exeter Carnival before last night, and those who remember an Exeter Carnival that you didn’t get massively cold and wet at.

Still, fun though.

Adulting Fail of The Week

Throwing a ten year old over your shoulders, because shes tired and aching.

That makes Daddy tired and achy.

Also. My neck feels kinda like it did all the carrying.

Its probably a good job I didn’t run out and buy a skate board after seeing that John Lewis advert.

I would probably die.

Thing of the week

Need to feel young again?

Check this out.

Still annoyed at The Government

Once up on a time, this blog was about surviving covid lockdowns.

Now its becoming more and around watching what the Tories are going to do next.

And that’s the third time in three weeks the above text has felt accurate.

Since I last posted about surviving Lockdown, Covid, a Tory government, government ministers have stopped appearing on morning tv. Leaving it harder to know how badly the government are doing, leaving it newspaper journalists to uncover stuff about a Tory peer getting money from Covid contracts, and this little gem:

Water company bosses have blamed UK government inaction for a lack of progress in stopping sewage pollution, newly revealed letters show.

According to data from the Environment Agency, sewage has been dumped into the seas and rivers around the UK more than 770,000 times over the course of 2020 and 2021 – the equivalent of almost 6m hours.

Guardian Website

Basically. The water companies are officially blaming lack of government action for crap being pumped into the seas.


They probably dont care.

At least one of them has made enough to fly elsewhere and swim in water not belonging to a country with a functioning government.

Next Week. Its Christmas fair time. Theres a bar.

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