That Week Just Gone

Hey you,

If you’ve done anything more this week than plead with your kid to stop blaming the heat and to just go – to sleep. Well done.

And in the in between times,

If you’ve done anything more than just lay on your sofa and wait for the fires from the dawn of time to melt your brain.

Well done.

You’ve done better than me.

Adulting fail

My ability to work,

go to a meeting in town,

wear bike jacket,

and mask,

and helmet (at points),

in the heat,

and remember to drink water during an “extreme heatwave”,

needs a little bit of work.

Quote of The Week

“Watch things on Disney+”

Small one – When I asked her if there was any skills she would like to learn over the summer.

Something different…

When national treasures celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

Still annoyed at The Government

So “Freedom day” has come and gone, and a load of businesses are proving that they are ok with asking people to put a mask on, that’s when they’re not being told by our world beating test and trace app to go into isolation.

Except when you’re Boris.

Oh Boris is isolating.

But it is only advisory to try and not pass a nasty virus around the place.

But people should isolate if “pinged”.

But not if you’re in particular jobs.

Because Covid doesn’t care about those jobs?

Like how Covid doesn’t care about nightclubs until the end of September?

Next week. Its the Summer Holidays. Good luck everyone.

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