That Week Just Gone


Thats one week down of Summer Holidays, and somehow, our trampoline is holding itself together.

Adulting fail

A while back, my ability to put one foot in front of the other failed, and I flew onto my face.

Those exercises you get given after something like?

Turns out you’re meant to keep that up, or injuries get aching again…

Quote of The Week

“By the power of farts!”

Small one.

Something different…

What if, the name James Bond was a code name?

What if those faces that carried the name Bond – had all died?

How would that go?

Still annoyed at The Government

In the midst of news about empty supermarket shelves, and people getting annoyed at the RNLI for the terrible crime of *checks notes*, saving human lives, there’s another act of sublime national self harm going on.

There is something called the Lugano Convention, which is basically a big international treaty in regards to legal systems, courts, international disputes and the like. Remembering legal services apparently add £60 billion to the UK economy

And it seems we crashed out of this due to Brexit.

And it seems Boris needs to deal nicely with the EU to help getting back into the treaty.

Boris. The guy who struggles with umbrellas.

We’re doomed.

(CNN has more about the Lugano Convention)

Next week. It will be week 23 of the Summer Holidays…

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