Holiday Survival Kit for Parents

No matter if its half term, or the summer holidays, holidays can seem long for parents who are meant to be the responsible adult, spending their time looking after small people.

How can parents help themselves survive school holidays? Or indeed, what could you send stressed out parents?

Here is my holiday survival kit for parents. (Affiliate links obviously are found below)

Get them a new friend

Are the childs wanting you to play? Some play is nice, sometimes play is good, sometimes there is a limit.

Get them someone new to play with!


Dont buy them a pet, that way madness lies.

Buy them a robot pet instead!

Because batteries are cheaper than Vets.

Get them something to watch.

Actually, with all the Marvel and Star Wars content on Disney Plus, this one is also kinda for me.

Get away!

Or pretend to get away at least.

You know those moments you see lovely photos from around the world… (I really mean UK because – well – covid), and you’re at home, and its wet, its raining, and its always going to rain for ever?

Get yourself some cards from somewhere else. You can post them on, try and upload them to Instagram, generally use them to help maintain the illusion you’re having a social media friendly holiday.

Personally I like the look of these from Scotland.

If nothing else, its easier than learning Photoshop to fake the photographs yourself.

Pretend to be else where

Dont want to be there anymore?

Dont hide in the toilet! (Lock doesn’t work anyway)

Ignore the cupboard under the stairs,

Put these on, and get yourself to a galaxy, far, far, away…

Or you know… Jurassic Park…

Or… actually I’m sure theres a VR program which dumps you in the middle of a field somewhere, and its nice, and its peaceful, and you cant hear little voices saying “My turn!”

Check out the Oculus store at Amazon.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side…

Kids hating you?

Are you mean because you said no more biscuits… after they had already eaten 12000?

Get them listening to Coraline.

Then ask if they want “the other mother” as a parent?

*cue evil laugh*

When all else fails…

Go on.

Someone send me this…

Order it over on Amazon, and you don’t even need to risk the covid ridden maskless hoards at the local supermarket…

What would you add in the survival kit?

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