That Week Just Gone

Well. I’m now on holiday.

Which basically means instead of hanging out in our spare room on the work laptop, I’ll mostly be hanging out downstairs, finding new and inventive ways to encourage the small one to use up all her energy before bedtime.

Adulting fail

If you choose to use a brush when cleaning a trampoline, dont use it on a wet trampoline when its got a load of hay from the guinea pigs in it.

You just end up getting wet hay, stuck on a wet trampoline.

That you’re standing on.

Trying not to break your neck.

Quote of The Week

“Why you trying to hit for no reason?”

“I’m not”

“Why then?”

“There is no reason”

“Someone” got a bit tired the other evening…

Something different?

I was going to write something here about spotting misinformation online.

But this is more fun…

Geocache Update

Geocaches looked for: 4

Geocaches found: 4

100% success!

Go us!

I mean… they were all “family friendly” but still.

Yey us!

Still annoyed at The Government


During the week where this remarkable reaction shot was captured:

Dominic Raab being too busy on holiday to make a phone call to help save lives,

The 20 pounds Universal Credit Covid uplift is being removed.



A lot of money removed from people who need it most.

And yes, for some 20 quid is something like 2 and half pints of beer in the wrong London pub.

For others, its rent.

Next week. I’m completing a lap around the sun… Coverage of the mid life crises will be included here.

Or Instagram.

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