That Week Just Gone

Well. September. The gift that keeps giving.

Thank goodness that the small one had a good birthday. (Thank you all who was involved with that)

I’m also thankful for cider.

And wine. Particularly wine this week.

Best Guess At Next Lockdown

Well – it still seems that the pandemic is over.

Perhaps November?

Perhaps by then we wont have the ability to travel anywhere anyway – so therefore problem solved?

Quote of The Week

You are a doughnut. A real doughnut.

The Small One

Adulting fail

Its been over two weeks since I used my bike. (Due to the MOT expiring – yeap this is a Adulting failure with a sequel)

And the night before, I realised I didn’t know where the key was for my bike lock…

Sorted. But only after 30 minutes worth of the two of us turning the house upside down. The night before the small ones birthday.

Yes. I was freaking out for about 29 of those minutes.

Still annoyed at The Government

Lets see how’re we’re doing so far:

  1. Empty shelves in the supermarkets.
  2. Concerns about more empty shelves.
  3. Driver shortages.
  4. Christmas events being cancelled due to Brexit.
  5. Concerns over co2 supplies.
  6. Petrol stations closing.
  7. Picking a fight with France.
  8. Begging for food from Brazil
  9. EU trained Dentists not being allowed to come in and… well… be a dentist.
  10. Cost of living going weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Bets on whats next?


Next week: Well… we have a party tomorrow….

*Yes this is a cheap plug.,.

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