That Week Just Gone

Wow. That was a week.

The goodnews is that we didn’t get lost, and trapped in Wookey Hole. Even if the 4D Dinosaurs in the cinema may have scared the small one a little bit…

Sorry kid.

Adulting Fail of The Week

So here’s the story.

I started Wednesday at home, before going into the office. Because, well, there was stuff I could do at home, and there still being a pandemic and all. (Sorry to have to tell you this Boris)

I went to get ready to go, found Mrs M in the back garden, said goodbye, and she asked me to lock the front door.

Sensible girl.

And I, being the sensible mature guy I am, locked the front door.

Thirty minutes later I got a message on my phone.

It appears I also locked the back door as well.

Yes, therefore locking my good lady wife out of the house.

She might forget about it 20 – 30 years time…

Quote of The Week


Me. A few times.

Random Thing of The Week

Still annoyed at The Government


Is now a good time to wonder what happened to the Sue Grey Report / Russia Report / Covid Enquiry?

Next week: I will probably sigh…. once or twice… again…

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