That Week Just Gone

After last weeks misadventure with my suggestion of a 4d cinema, which led to traumatizing the poor child, I’m pleased to announce I’ve not made another mistake like that this week.

I don’t think so anyway…

Oh, and before I forget to mention. No the whole “accidently locking wife thing out thing”, hasn’t been forgotten about. Yet.

Adulting Fail of The Week

A while back, I managed to upset the dentist. Have you seen an upset dentist? They do things like tell you to come back, and give advice on how to come back sooner rather than later.NO BODY LIKES TO HEAR THAT. Anyway. I got a voice mail on Thursday evening basically saying a slot has become available, I’m booked in, and to shout if I can’t make it. I’m there going…
I guess I should Go right?
Besides I’m not working at that time, looking after your teeth is apparently sensible, and I would have to use the phone.
Basically I get morally obligated to go.
The next morning, I get a phone call, confirming I’m good to go to the torture chair.
It appeared that the receptionist was indeed waiting for me to confirm.
It seems that if I had a good reason, I could have wiggles out of it.
I guess it’s an ok thing really?
I guess?

Quote of The Week

“I like it when there’s poo”

The Small One. I cant remember why.

Random Thing of The Week

Still annoyed at The Government



Is now a good time to wonder what happened to the Sue Grey Report / Russia Report / Covid Enquiry?

Next week: I will probably sigh…. once or twice… again…

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