That Week Just Gone

So I took a break last week from this.

The world is still a bonfire of chaos.

Oh and there’s a rumour of another covid wave… great. (But remember its over…)

Adulting Fail of The Week

Went to Sainsburys this week.

Yeah that was probably mistake number 1.

Mistake number 2 was wanting to pick up a prescription.

Mistake number 3 was totally walking past the pharmacy when it didn’t have a queue. Leading to needing to balance chocolate, breakfast bars, and an emergency bottle of wine, and my bike helmet.

Whilst stuck in the longest queue known to man kind.

A queue, just to be told, no they didn’t have my drugs….

Random Thing of The Week

Still annoyed at The Government

Previously in politics.

Theresa May. (Remember her?) Survived a No confidence vote, but with a third of her MPs showing no confidence in her.

Jacob William Rees-Mogg said that wasn’t good enough.

Boris? He survives a No confidence vote.

Jacob William Rees-Mogg reckons he’s great.

Rory Stewart sums up where we are at

Next week: I’ll probably be more looking for more wine.

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