That Week Just Gone

Hey check it out.

It’s another week of a cost of everything going through the roof, and the government doing bugger all about it, apart from, you know… Fighting with each other.

Thats nice.

Adulting Fail of The Week

It seems, that all the WD40 in the world can’t fix a door when the mechanism has died. Still, figured it was worth a go…

Quote of the week

I can’t go to bed yet, its the HOLIDAYS! YOU’RE SO UNFAIR!

The Small One. 30 minutes after we would normally fail to say good night.

Still annoyed at The Government

I know I’ve missed a week, but I figured this needed to be included…


Seriously. The more I watch this, the more amazed I am.

I wonder if the Labour party are sitting back, collecting video clips like this? I mean THIS is it said out loud. If you live in a rich area, the Tory party will look after you. Screw the people who are already screwed.

The thing is. The alternative is Liz Truss.

I wonder why she hasn’t gone on the attack over this?

Could it be because she was ok with it?

Next week: Anyone fancy doing a rain dance?

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