Tips for going on holiday with kids in Cornwall

The dreams of a camping holiday in Cornwall was that it was going to be a gentle, relaxing time.

Camping and exploring Cornwall while you’re a parent, managing your own back means you come home feeling all sorts of aches, but you are relaxed about it.

To mark our survival of camping in Cornwall, here are 10 observations tips we picked up, while on holiday in Cornwall with kids.

  1. Cornwall has two coasts really near each other. There will be sand. EVERYWHERE.
  2. Driving anywhere? Surprise! So is everyone else. Plan your journey.
  3. On the subject of driving. Expect country roads.
  4. Are you walking anywhere? Don’t forget you have a kid. It will take quadruple the time unless you have bribe material in which case it will only be triple the time.
  5. Noise (presuming you’re on a fairly quiet campsite), will spread and carry over millions of miles at night. This means you’re spending your time either telling your darling to “shhhhhhh please”, or explaining to your kid what that random noise was.
  6. Jam first. Trust me.
  7. Going Eden project? Getting food? Plan where you want it, and go there sooner then you think.
  8. Again on the subject of The Eden Project, the distance and time required to get from the car to the entrance is roughly equal to two lifetimes.
  9. Ice creams everywhere. Expect ice cream. Oh and fudge. Cornish fudge is good.
  10. Supervising your kid at the campsite play park? Congratulations. You’re now the responsible adult for the rest of the kids at the camp site. Good luck.

Any you would add? Please let me know.

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