That Week Just Gone

Well. That was summer.

And soon.

VERY soon. School will be back. Which is good news because of routine, and some chance of small child going to sleep that evening. Also Work From Home becomes more sensible again.

But on the flipside.

Mornings become full of self loathing, and thats both getting the school run, and the extra traffic the commute will bring.

Anyone got ideas for a dirt cheap ebike?

Adulting Fail of The Week

A picnic for three people based on what you can get from Sainsburys meal deals does not make a cheap picnic. (The true fail was not buying stuff in the day before, but you know…)

Geocaching scores of the week

Searched for: 2.

Found one: 1.

An attempt at introducing some friends to Geocaching was met with a resounding fail to begin with, it appears that the first attempt may have involved opening a bridge over a canal in Somerset. But we figured it was probably best we didn’t create chaos on the road / water. Just to find we got it wrong anyway.

Thank goodness we found the second one. I say found, we saw it, but someone may have pushed it out of reach… sorry Geocaches of Somerset.

Quote of the week

Lets sleep in the tent this Friday

The Small One. And… now we’re all tired…

Still annoyed at The Government

“Alexa, Show me a party that doesn’t understand what life is like”

Meanwhile. The favourite to replace the blonde clown in charge, appears to be talking more about removing speed limits on motorways, and placing speed limits on cyclists than dealing with the actual problems of the country.

Next week: I might have just recovered from last nights garden camping….

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