That Week Just Gone

When this little round-up first became a thing, it was mostly parenting through a pandemic thing. Now I guess… welcome to my bit where I winge mostly about politics.

And parenting.

Adulting Fail of The Week

Well, the good news is that we went away for a few days this week, and no one got sick! (Woo!)

What I did learn was how nice a cold pint of cider can be in a Cornish campsite.

Another thing I did learn was standing around with the cold pint, being the only adult in the middle of a play area, gets you at least one “questioning” look.

Quote of the week

Daddy likes boobies.

The Small One. Well what do you say?

Still annoyed at The Government

Well. We have Tories fighting amongst each other.

We have politicians saying people should just put on an extra jumper. (Side Note – How many jumpers should we wear at the same time?)

We have a Prime Minister who appears to pay more attention to PR trips to Ukraine than the HUGE amount of money it costs to… do anything.

And Ofgem are auditioning to appear on Pointless.


Next week: Back to work. Again. During the school holidays.

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