That Week Just Gone

With the winter months coming in, its that time of year for the Covid vaccine. But only if you’re in particular jobs, because you know.

Covid only cares if you’re in care or health work. Anything else, the virus will just pass you by right?

(Fact Checkers of the internet – I am NOT being serious).

One observation from having my vaccine, they only seem to get you to wait for 15 minutes if you’re driving home. Which I guess on one hand, means that if you have a problem, at least you’re not driving right… but what if you walk 15 minutes away and then start feeling weird?

Oh and in case you’re wondering? The little dog thing in the comic above. That’s Liz Truss.

Adulting Fail of The Week

Sat on a loo in ikea?

Careful how far you lean back.

Trust me. Those flush sensors are sensitive…

Quote of the week

“Hope you get well soon”

People wishing me luck, before I get my vaccine.

Still annoyed at The Government

Had a lovely letter through from our mortgage providers this week, basically advising our mortage in gonna change in January.

So yeah.

Feeling all of this….

Next week: I’ll mostly be sighing and drinking coffee.

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