That Week Just Gone.

Well, I’ve got my scooter back from its MOT this week. (Yey)

Used it to join the rush hour traffic…

Yeah I’m having feelings about joining traffic in Exeter, verses going by bike mostly on cycle routes. (Being in mind that the short streach on a road is a good reason to drink during the day)

Adulting Fail of The Week

I grab a hire bike at the start of the week, its been a few days since I used it, it feels like the start of a week, and the bike feels heavy.

I mean, these power-assisted bikes are meant to make the hills of Exeter easy.

I’m there going questioning how unfit I had got.

I drag my lungs into town, park up, and drop the bike company a message basically saying “Its probably me, but someone might want to check the power assist on this bike.”

Get a message back that basically said. “It’s not you, its the bike. Call us next time before dragging the electric bike into town you fool”.

Quote of the week

“Absolutely 100%, I’m not going anywhere.”

 Kwasi Kwarteng. Something like 24 hours before you were sacked.

Still annoyed at The Government

Imagine with me, if you will.

There is a room used for parties.

There is a party in there now.

There is music playing.

There are possibly balloons, and a smell of drink from the party the previous night.

The party is hosted by someone who is in charge of a game of pass the parcel.

The music stops.

The host excitedly cries out, “Well done, its your turn to be the Chancellor.”

The music begins.

The winner knows he’s only got until the music stops. Then it’s someone else’s go.

The people standing around watching this game are wondering what happens when everyone has a go.

The host has this look in her eyes.

Welcome to post brexit / post covid UK.

Next Week. We’ll start voting embers of the public to be the next chancellor. Maybe.

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