That Week Just Gone.

Hey. Guess what. I’ve got the week off work!


Turns out the kids are also off this week, and the weather has something to say about my plans to spend the week in the garden.


Adulting Fail of The Week

I have been a perfectly functioning adult ALL THIS WEEK.

I didn’t do that stupid thing in a professional setting that I promised myself not to speak of until my death bed…

Thing of the week

Friends. With no laughing.

Kinda creepy. And sad.

Still annoyed at The Government

I mean.

At least something has changed. (She’s gone)


How many months has it been since we had Boris pretending to lead a functioning government?

As we’re back waiting for another leadership contest.

And we all know… its going to be Bloody Boris again…

Next Week. I have a week off. And there’s a Tory leadership contest. I’ll be drinking.

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