That Week Just Gone

Hey guess what!

Schools are going back next week!

And somehow I forgot to take any holiday next week… so you know… anyway…

Adulting Fail of The Week


Verses Tree.

Man doesn’t have right tools.

Man uses a Stanley knife instead.

On one hand. I win. (I didn’t just use a stanley knife, but it was useful)

On the other hand. I’m bloody knackered.

So not exactly a draw, but it feels like the tree took me down a little.

Quote of the week.

“Stop singing! You’ll scare the kiddies.”

The small one. Convinced my singing is the stuff of childrens nightmares.

Thing of the week

Dear Disney Plus…

Please Please Please?

Still annoyed at The Government

Once up on a time, this blog was about surviving covid lockdowns.

Now its becoming more and around watching what the Tories are going to do next.

Did you hear about the apparent plans to charge 10 pounds to anyone who miss’s a GP appointment? Because let’s face it. People who get charged, aren’t going to be the ones who are struggling to leave the house.

Thankfully the idea got dropped.


But we still have the budget coming up, and apparently another period of austerity coming up. Which, basically means no money for those who need it, but Tory pet projects are fine right?

Next Week. I might ache some more.

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