That Week Just Gone

Oh hello Internet! How are we all?

Have you come across Mastodon? If you have, find me here. I probably didn’t write anything here last week, because I sucked into that world of Not-Twitter…

Adulting Fail of The Week

Because why would you want to go to the beach with matching sandals?

Particularly when one of those sandals show off the art work your daughter unleashed on your toe nails…

Thing of the week

I don’t care if this has already been shared a million times!


I’ve never been tempted to skate more…

Still annoyed at The Government

Once up on a time, this blog was about surviving covid lockdowns.

Now its becoming more and around watching what the Tories are going to do next.

And that’s the second time in two weeks the above text has felt accurate.

Not contend with wrecking the NHS, the cost of going to the pub, police services, cost of actually being able to eat, that feeling of being relaxed about turning on the lights, immigration, and the economy in general.

It now looks like we’re going to going to have to show photo ID in order to vote at elections.

Yes. In a swift move, that can only be seen to fix the problem of people being more likely to not vote Tory, it looks like we’re going to need to have our ID checked more in-depth then buying a cheap bottle of wine.

Next Week. I’ll be looking forward to that cheap wine…

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