99 Ideas for the Elf on The Shelf.

Its that time of year! No not Christmas, but time for The Elf on The Shelf to go wondering around the house.

It turns out that posts about the Elf on The Shelf is also a tradition here on the blog, so here are 99 other ideas for the Elf to go around the house.

  1. On the floor. Right outside their door.
  2. Shoved in a shoe.
  3. Stuck in the shower
  4. In a boat. Found in the bath.
  5. Trapped in a plastic box.
  6. In a up turned crate.
  7. Pretending to dig up the garden.
  8. In a jar
  9. On the bird table.
  10. Slow Cooker.
  11. Air Fryer.
  12. Playing a board game.
  13. Pretending to fly.
  14. Washing Machine
  15. In a pan on the hob. Theres water in it.
  16. In the sofa.
  17. Snow angels!
  18. Guinea Pig Hutch
  19. Dog Basket.
  20. Covered in breadcrumbs.
  21. In the freezer.
  22. Reading their school book.
  23. On the tree. Like an angel.
  24. At the base of the tree. Decorations everywhere.
  25. Standing guard over the thermostat.
  26. Compost Bin.
  27. Having fun with Barbie.
  28. Sat reading the bible.
  29. Inside a guitar.
  30. In a air tight container, with a note saying “please let me out before its to late”
  31. In the shredder.
  32. Head first in a bowl of sweets.
  33. Tied up. Hanging over the stairway.
  34. Dressed up ready to go to school.
  35. Trapped in a blind.
  36. Pointing to the calendar. So you know how little time you have until Christmas.
  37. Writing a message in the mirror.
  38. In the toy box.
  39. In the garden with Barbie.
  40. Get the elf leaving a nice message before a busy day.
  41. Hiding in the dolls house.
  42. On the desk pretending to write silly lists work.
  43. Holding the remote control. Leave the TV on all night.
  44. Fighting the toys for Barbies affections.
  45. Pretending to write a silly list.
  46. Sunbathing under a lamp.
  47. Hanging on the blinds.
  48. Next to the dog toy.
  49. In the school bag.
  50. The Toaster.
  51. Pretending to listen to someones headphones.
  52. Covered in toilet paper on the floor next to the toilet.
  53. In the incinerator.
  54. Trapped in your phone.
  55. Climbing a book shelf.
  56. Sat in the fruit bowl, pretending to eat an apple.
  57. In the chimney.
  58. Your desk at work.
  59. Fighting a Dalek.
  60. Climbing the shoe rack.
  61. Covered in shoes.
  62. In the car, around the mirror.
  63. Checking out a poster – art gallery style.
  64. Tied up in a jar. With a note saying homework needs to be done to be set free.
  65. In a bowl. Swimming in melted ice cream.
  66. In the cookie jar. With nothing but cookie crumbs.
  67. In a Christmas stocking.
  68. On top of a tv.
  69. Tied up by toys. After losing the above battle for Barbies heart.
  70. Covered in cereal.
  71. Depressed in the corner of the room. Looking at a picture of Barbie.
  72. Pretending to fish in the kitchen sink.
  73. Climbing up the stairs, with tinsel / toilet paper / kitchen roll.
  74. Next to people as they wake up.
  75. Drinking wine. Lots of empty bottles around him. (We know you have them!)
  76. Writing a note apologising for their behaviour at the school fair.
  77. Attached to a helium balloon. Hot Air balloon style .
  78. Surrounded by ripped up remains of homework.
  79. Writing a note apologizing for the thing they said, and that thing they did at Church. To the vicar.
  80. In the fridge. Eating something.
  81. Dressed up to go out.
  82. Hiding in a book shelf.
  83. Swing.
  84. Found in a post card
  85. Falling off the swing.
  86. Sat on top of the router. With the Wifi shut down.
  87. Covered by the paperwork pile.
  88. Being a teacher. Teaching the other toys how to be nice.
  89. Hiding on a picture frame.
  90. Creating a Nativity scene with the other toys.
  91. Skipping with the other toys.
  92. Out of sight as much as possible.
  93. Eating cheese.
  94. Eating chicken bones. With remains of toy clothing nearby. A Little sign next to him saying “You’re next”
  95. Sat on the mantlepiece. With Barbie.
  96. Hanging from a light.
  97. Writing a note saying “Are you really going to make it to 99 ideas?”
  98. Squashed in the plate pile.
  99. In the bin.

Thats 99 ideas of what to do with your Elf on the shelf! Maybe think twice before trying some of them.

Good luck, keep him away from Barbie.

Any ideas you would add?

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