That Week Just Gone


A great time for kids birthdays, sickness, High school visits, and for the weather to turn crap.


Adulting Fail of The Week

VR Headsets are great.

Having plenty of space around is also great, but you dont… need that.

You could just have a little space for you to sit on instead.

You could sit at a desk.

While playing Tetris.

When you’re attempting to drop those blocks.

Dont hit the desk.

Thats stupid.

Still annoyed at The Government

What should we go with this week?

How about the plans to limit 20mph speed limits?

Again, feeling like a culture war being aimed at the roads.

I mean.

No one can possibly be hurt with that right?


I mean, I guess they prefer to talk about speed limits on roads, rather than small things like the NHS, school funding, the price of oxygen, climate change, etc…

Next Week. Looking around MORE high schools.

Good luck all.

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