That Week Just Gone – The Tory Conference Special


That was the Tory Conference.


Here are some of my moments that made me want to cry for the state of the country favourite moments.

Theres the Not Meat Tax…

Not that I’m saying that the Torys are planning to tax anything that isn’t meat… But that would be as true as anything mentioned in the above speech.

Theres the LTN conspiracy guy

Theres the compassionate Conservative

Didn’t this government already try blaming people on benefits?

Theres the Monty Python Guy aka Lee Anderson

“This poverty nonsense. Go in a time machine back into when I was growing up in the 70s, that was real poverty… It’s nonsense now, it’s absolute nonsense.”

The Independent quoting Lee Anderson

Theres the hero complex

Or whatever this is

And then theres this

Great stuff

Next Week: Normal service might be resumed next week. But Amazon have some silly deal days, so I might be distracted by trying to make amends with the good lady wife. Who knows.

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