Time Travel, and How To Take Advantage.

We have reached that time of year when we collectively time travel as a country and obtain an extra hour.


We also have a collective sense of deja vue, when the news starts featuring pieces about why we should stop doing this.

The thing is, if we weren’t putting the clocks back, what would we talk about over the next week?

You know, besides the weather, and Halloween.

But anyway.

The clocks are going back.

We have the collective gift of an extra hour.

How we use it is the question.

The chances are you’re going to be awake an hour earlier than everyone else. (If you’re like me, you may also be using that extra hour late into the night as well)

So how should we use this extra hour of the weekend?

Here are a few ideas.

  1. Tidy the house? It probably needs it, that way you don’t lose any time doing something mildly more fun.
  2. Watch more Netflix. Because why not?
  3. Just sit and watch the thing on Kids TV. Because. Well. Its fine.
  4. Plot how this means you can get the kid into bed early enough to watch a movie tonight.
  5. Plot how you’re going to get the kids to sleep. WITHOUT USING WHISKEY.
  6. Go for a cycle. (Just kidding.)
  7. Remember to plug your e-bike battery into charge before you return to work tomorrow. (No seriously Andy. Do it)
  8. Spend some time working out what movie you want to go to sleep watching.
  9. Read a book about how to manage your time well.
  10. Work on that hobby backlog that’s staring you in the face.
  11. Meditate for an hour. Wake up two hours later after going to sleep.
  12. Drink coffee, and stare into space whilst contemplating life. For an hour. Rock back and forth a little.
  13. Research how to fix that thing around the house. Sigh. Realize it’s not going to happen. Go back to staring into space.
  14. Ponder the state of governance in this country over the last 5 years or so… No don’t do that, that’s really bloody depressing.
  15. Hate yourself for not ordering the meds you need to help you breathe a few days earlier. (Has anyone else noticed the time to get prescription meds has slowly crept upwards?
  16. Hide in bed. Write a silly blog post. (That, with an ounce of planning, would have meant said blog post would have been released on Friday).
  17. Wonder how you should plug your substack, that has a version of this blog post on.
  18. Plug in that bloody e-bike battery.

What would you add?

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