That Week Just Gone.

Perhaps its the change of the coffee, but… is anyone else like…. tired? Words According to Kids “Passining”: the footballing act of taking the ball, and running in a zig zag direction, so the other players don’t get the ball. Apparently. Adulting fail. Those letters about renewing my insurance? They can wait for another day, […]

One Last Adventure?

As she took one more breath, she opened her eyes one more time, and found herself there.On the beach,Her body feeling young once more,She saw the paddle,And looked down at the boat, down at the waters edge.She smiled, and thought,“Time for one more adventure.”

That Week Just Gone.

It turns out. Taking a break from work when you’ve just got used to a new work routine, makes going back to work a bit… weird. Taking the Wednesday off to go to a funeral also contributes to the head spinning week. I guess I dont know where this week has really gone… Is it […]

A Podcast From The Shed

Well instead of writing about trips and things around Devon, I’ve been meaning to podcast for a while. For quite a while. I’ve finally put a few bits together, it’s all a little quick – in a “let’s do this before I procrastinate with something else” kind of way, but… Here’s when we went litter […]