The Week Just Gone

Welcome to mid July, and I have a question – are we still in Lockdown? Or is this now officially some sort of “Social Distancing Age”? This week is brought to you via a shoulder that is making me regret rolling down a grassy slope. (It was a game thing, I didn’t randomly fall down […]

That Week Just Gone

Welcome to July. Aka week 131 of Lockdown – or whatever this is. For us, this has been one of those weird weeks, with a (expected but massively sad) death in the family, and that gradual realisation that there’s still two flipping months till schools go back. Thank goodness for a week off next week. […]

That Week Just Gone

Welcome to the end of June! Soon we’ll be free to take a socially distanced trip to the pub on a summers day. Because alcohol and social distancing works so flipping well? The fancy news from this week is that we’ve been able to borrow a gazebo, which is both very lovely, and nice! Thank […]

#MySundayPhoto. A Memory.

Well The My Sunday Photo linky is back. Once upon a time I uploaded photos of various sights from around Devon. This is more of a memory. Taken during a government allowed walk, well actually that downplays it. I’m fairly certain this was my fourth trip out of the house in 7 weeks. Possibly not […]

A Podcast From The Shed

Well instead of writing about trips and things around Devon, I’ve been meaning to podcast for a while. For quite a while. I’ve finally put a few bits together, it’s all a little quick – in a “let’s do this before I procrastinate with something else” kind of way, but… Here’s when we went litter […]