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Boobies in a Box!

Guys! Do you get distracted when your missis breastfeeds in public?

Ladies! Do you feel many eyes on you, when you’re ensuring your little ones basic needs are met?

Well the answer is here, with Boobies in a Box!


Found over at Huffington Post.


Ways Parents Can Cope with Sleep Deprivation

An alternative guide for sleep deprived parents

It was at some silly early time. The Little One was having trouble, and I was laying on her floor encouraging her back to sleep. Somewhere between trying to mutter gentle encouraging tones, and dozing to sleep, I wondered about how parents cope with sleep deprivation.

Coffee is the easy solution to help parents cope with little sleep. But I wondered if there were there any other ‘alternative’ ways to help parents stay awake?

Here’s what I found*…

Deathwish Coffee

I didn’t drink coffee before I had our little one.

Now I do if the need raises – at the risk of some sort of weird caffeine high…
I wonder how much this would wake me up?

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Caffeine Shampoo

shampooNeed to wake up?

Have a shower!

Need to really wake up?

Have a shower!

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Caffeine Sweets!

Have a sweet tooth?Sweets

You obviously want to wake up…

Why dont you combine your need to wake up, with your want for a swee, with some Caffeine sweets from Amazon!

Shoot Water in your face!

Need to wake up?

Try taking one water gun, and shooting yourself in the face!

Or train your little one to do it… might as well start the water fights at some point.


Amazon Link.

Risk giving yourself electric shocks!

Play with this in your pocket…

Try playing with it when your driving…

Write with it when making notes in the bath…

The shock may not last long, but it would keep you awake!

Buy from Amazon


Do you have any other ideas?

*HEALTH WARNING. Please dont treat this seriously. If you are having problems sleeping – deal with that, DO NOT focus on the staying awake bit. Besides – dont blame anyone if giving yourself electric shocks while driving doesn’t work out for you!

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

#MySundayPhoto – A Family Portrait? 

This is not an Announcement!

I repeat. This is not an Announcement!

Friday was a good day, work went well, I was well looked after by the NHS, and both myself and the good lady wife had both the Friday night – but also the entire weekend off.

It was also kinda surreal as well, and nothing was more surreal the being told about this picture, drawn by both the Little One and Granny.

A lovely family picture… That thing over Daddy?

That is Daddy having a baby…


Conversations with a Toddler #10

Conversations With A Toddler

Mummy has asked  Little One what she’d like for breakfast…

Little One: “I want a biscuit”
Mummy: “Is that breakfast???”
Little One: “Yes…”
Mummy sorts out breakfast… Soon after, Little One wonders into the kitchen.
Mummy: “What you after?”
Little One: “Biscuit.”
Mummy: “No you need to eat your breakfast.”
Little One: “But I’m really hungry”
Grabs my hand pulls me away from the computer to play. 



Finding Stick Man at Haldon Forest

Stick Man Trail in Haldon Forest, Devon - Near Exeter

I have to admit, we were late to the Stick Man party. We didn’t see Stick Man on TV over Christmas, instead it was our little one bringing Stick Man home from PreSchool, that introduced us to the character. Long story short, we soon had cries of “I’m Stick Man!” echoing around our house. When we realised there was a Stick Man trail at The Haldon Forest in Devon, we felt we had to go and find him.

As we both had a day off from work, we figured we would take advantage of going up to Haldon Forest on a quieter “school day”.  After a 20 minute drive from Exeter, we found ourselves in Haldon Forest on a damp January Friday. Much to the Little Ones frustration we didn’t run to find Stick Man, but fuelled ourselves up at “The Ridge Cafe”. (While Mummy also ran to pick up the “Activity Pack” from the rangers office.)

After food was eaten, we were off. Armed with a map from the activity pack… and help from the signs pointing us towards Stick Man, we went to find him. There were a number of characters from the book to look for, and challenges to take part in, while walking around the trail, (sadly due to the dampness we figured we should skip the challenges). After 10 minutes or so, we found ourselves with a giant Stick Man!

A giant Stick Man… who wasn’t too far way from a Gruffalo! In an attempt to show that the Gruffalo wasn’t something to be worried about, I ended up giving the children’s monster a giant hug. While our Little One still wasn’t impressed, I found the experience oddly relaxing.

We took her unkeenness at seeing the The Gruffalo (and the incoming storm) as a cue to go home. We’re planning on going back on a nicer day to really take a chance to enjoy it, and the play park equipment they have there.

If you or your Little One enjoys the adventures of Stick Man, I’d strongly recommend the Stick Man Trail at Haldon Forest. For more details of this, and other Stick Man Trails around England check out the Forestry Commission’s website.

The Stick Man DVD is now available from – And its well worth a watch!

Conversations with a Toddler #9

Conversations With A Toddler

I was sat on one side of our living room, our Little One was sat on the sofa on the side while playing with some toys

Little One: *playing sounds, talking to self* “…Alone”
Daddy: “Your not alone, I’m right here”
Little One: “You’re far away”
Daddy: “I’m not far away, I’m right here”
Little One: “I can’t hold your hand.”
Wonders towards me.
Daddy: “Am I far away if you cant hold my hand?”
Little One: “Yes”
Grabs my hand pulls me away from the computer to play. 

10 Reasons Why You Want Another Kid

'He's the father of the entire first row.'

As soon as you settle down with someone, there seems to be a weird interest from other people about your attempts to populate the planet. When you finally get around to having a child, its only a matter of time before people start asking about when the next kid is.

Now I’ve already blogged about the many reasons why you may not want another child… but what if you’re thinking about it? (Or you’re trying to encourage someone else to think about more children) Here are 10 reasons why you want another kid.

  1. Practicing for one is fun. (Unless you’re very successful, in which case, bad luck)
  2. The next one may watch Match of the Day with you.
  3. They could entertain and look after each other? This saves money in the long run on child care fee’s.
  4. Keep at it, and you get enough for your very own football team.
  5. The next one may like Star Wars
  6. Multiple kids can parent each other right?
  7. The next one may watch Match of the Day with you, and bring beer.
  8. Want to set up a business? Dont pay for staff! Free child labour!
  9. The next one might switch on the radio, after the other has turned the radio off.
  10. The more children you have, the greater your chances of one child making millions, and not putting you in a crooked retirement home.

Any other reasons?



10 Things To Remember When Preparing A Wedding

As with any year, this year is going to share its own fair share of challenges and big events. One of the big events for you, may be that either you or someone you know is getting married. If you’re getting married – Congratulations! If you’re helping with someone getting married – this is for you. Collected from a number of “interesting” weddings, here is a list of a few things that need to be remembered when planning a wedding.

  1. You’re not going to get it all right.
  2. People love it when you choose a really obscure wedding service venue, followed by a really obscure venue for your reception.
  3. People love it when they go to a wedding service and hear all new songs! So choose the most obscure songs you know!
  4. Think twice before suggesting a wild dress code, and remember: Naked wedding services are never OK!
  5. Remember to actually hire a church… and get people to play the music – if you want music.
  6. Wedding Cake! Everyone loves Wedding Cake. Get plenty of Wedding Cake!
  7. Don’t worry about remembering about where the wedding rings are. Someone will remember where they end up.
  8. When planning a seating plan, always think about what the most entertaining arrangement would be.
  9. Get the best man to recreate that Best Mans speech from Sherlock.
  10. You’re going to upset at least someone, so make a list of people you know, and ensure you upset at least one person a day until you get married. That way you can make sure you upset everyone in equal measure.

Any more handy hints?