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Making Magic Jars.

(This post could also be called “Craft That I’m Actually Happy To Do”, or “How To Make Magic Without The Mess”.)

I’m not a fan of craft. Well, I’m not a fan of craft when it’s just me and the little one.

So Glow DIY Magic Jars ReviewPerhaps it’s the mess. Particularly when the glitter comes out. I quite like the idea of Mummy not coming back home from work, to find the place looks like a child’s craft factory.

When I got the option of trying out So Glows DIY Magic Jars, I knew our crafty girly would be up for it. But privately hoped I wouldn’t be the parent around to try it out.

Well that wasn’t to be.

The small ones reaction to it wasn’t what I expected. Looking at the girl on the box she said, “Shes got pink finger nails, like mine.”

Good to see that the marketing on the box works.

So Glow DIY Magic Jars ReviewOpening the box calmed my mess-aware fears quickly. Step one of the instructions was to put a cover over the table. Liked that. The following steps were very simple, and kept anything that could have made a mess – mess free. (Unless of course you spill the water, but I’m not sure you can blame So Glow for that.)

What you end up with is little jars, with coloured water, glitter, and a little toy in. Oh and it all lights up when you shake it! Its almost like you shake it to wake it. (Wasn’t that the Orangina tag line?)

That, combined with the stickers, made for a very excited 5 year old when Mummy came back home, she was very keen to show the magic jars to!

This isn’t a quick activity if you have one child and a pack of multiple jars you find doing a few one after the other. Because it seems, doing one jar isn’t enough.
The So Glow Magic Jars are available from Argos – and well, I honestly reckon they would make a great present for crafty young ones.
This is a collaborative post, whilst the items in question were free, the opinions and thoughts expressed above are all mine.

The Parents Back To School Checklist

Well done! You’ve made it through the holidays! It’s time to send the kids back to school! Obviously it’s easy to say that the kids are “going back to school”, but actually the whole back to school thing is a mission in on itself.
To help you survive this mission with your sanity, here is the Dads Sofa Back to School Checklist: (Warning. May not be the most sensible help ever)
Don’t forget the following…
  • Alarm Clock! Use it!
  • Book bag! Because you probably forget it enough anyway.
  • Smart phone. To take Facebook ready photos of the first day of term.
  • School uniform! If it’s too big during the first week it doesn’t matter. They’ll grow into their uniform at some point during the year.
  • Snacks! Don’t be a fool. If you pick up a small child, bring snacks!
  • Nice snacks. For when said child has eaten the sensible more filling snack.
  • Notes. To help you remember the nice bits of the holiday… not just the moments when you were screaming at each other…
  • Wine. Helps with bedtime.
Any I’ve missed?

Conversations With A Small Person: The World Cup

While watching a World Cup game, the small one went quiet and asked “Are there any girl teams playing?”

I explained there wasn’t in this world cup, but there were “girl football teams” that we could try and watch sometime.

She fell silent again.

I want to be a footballer when I grow up, or a doctor, I just don’t know any more!

What My Fridge Says

Why Is Your Child Angry?


Kids are great. Except when they’re not. Sometimes, children can just be angry little creatures of fury. Sometimes kids can be lovely. Other times, they just snarl, and make you wonder why is your child angry.

If you ever wonder why your child is angry, this may be the thing for you.

Simply spin the wheel below, and the mystery of your child’s anger will be resolved!

Or they could just be tired.

Are there any you would add to the above?

Obviously there may be other reasons, and if you’re worried, Sofa would suggest to seek advice from a trained professional – not a spinning wheel.

Mission Mindfulness

VR Games To Train New Parents


The other week, I came across an offer to pick up some VR glasses. Now while they were only the cardboard glasses you can get, they are still… kinda cool. They still show you a little bit of what VR can do.

After trying them out, Mrs Sofa and I chatted about how VR could be used, and if VR could be used to help train new parents in… well parenting*.

Here’s our ideas for VR games that could be used to train new parents.

  1. Nappy Change: How quick can you change a nappy? Multiple goes unlock bigger and messier poo’s.
  2. 300 Metre Challenge. Experience the blind terror of carrying a small child to the nearest toilet – before time runs out.
  3. Child Chase. You find yourself in a supermarket. Your child has just ran around the corner. The game is to find a route to your kid before untold destruction is unleashed on the shop… and you have to pay.
  4. Sleep Deprivation Quiz. Live the life of a tired dad on a night shift at work. Can you tell the difference between sleep deprived related hallucinations, and real life?
  5. Toy Hunt. You find yourself in a large open world layout of a local town centre. Somewhere in one of the shops is your child’s favourite toy. Find said toy, before the time runs out!
  6. Night Feeds. Can you put the current amount of mixture into your babies bottle? Was it four spoonfuls? Was it three? Do you remember? Are you still asleep? Are you still hallucinating??
  7. Supermarket Race. Can you race around a supermarket, before your child runs off / throws self on floor / steals sweets / hides in the freezer…
  8. The Zip Wire. Join in your child’s zip wire fun at the park! Don’t fall off!!
  9. Chocolate Challenge: Can you open the packet of chocolate without your child hearing? (Spoiler. You will never be able to – You CAN NOT BEAT THIS GAME!!!!)
  10. Tidy Up Hell: This game places you in a room with shelves against the wall, and stuff on the floor. Each time you turn around to deal with the other shelf, you realise that what you have just picked up – is back on the floor.
    See how long you can last repeating this before you scream and rage quit.

Have you got any ideas, that you would add?

*Or at least be a tool in putting people off having kids yet.

What My Fridge Says