That Week Just Gone

Its hot. Ability to type an introduction has melted… Was planning to write something about how silly camping out for one night is, but you know… Its hot. Words According to Kids “I’ve hurt a bone”: The feeling when you hurt any part of your body that includes a bone. It seems. Adulting fail. Picture […]

That Week Just Gone.

Perhaps its the change of the coffee, but… is anyone else like…. tired? Words According to Kids “Passining”: the footballing act of taking the ball, and running in a zig zag direction, so the other players don’t get the ball. Apparently. Adulting fail. Those letters about renewing my insurance? They can wait for another day, […]

One Last Adventure?

As she took one more breath, she opened her eyes one more time, and found herself there.On the beach,Her body feeling young once more,She saw the paddle,And looked down at the boat, down at the waters edge.She smiled, and thought,“Time for one more adventure.”


The small one has found this little animation “Poppies” on iPlayer, and seems to love it watching it on repeat. Poppies looks at war as experienced by the animal inhabitants of a WW1 battlefield, and seems to speak a little to the small one about (some of) the horror of World War 1. Maybe I should […]

What Would Flop Do?

Have you ever watched Bing on Cbeebies, and been amazed at how Flop hasn’t gone mad? Do you ever need to stop, and think What Would Flop Do? Perhaps this board will help you remember what saint Flop would do in any particular situation? (This has been uploaded to Redbubble – check it out for […]