Exploring Killerton in Devon

National Trust is great.

National Trust on your door step is even better.

The problem with having a massive National Trust property on your doorstep (in our case Killerton), is that it gets easy enough to keep going to the same old places.

Here’s a few pictures of what happens when you keep going in a different direction a bit longer then normal.

We keep meaning to check out a “den building” area at the top of the forest at some point, but I think we’ll leave the bike at home that time!

On a different note. This time of year, is a really good time to get the geocache near the motorway bridge!

Frozen 2 Trailer

Just in case you’ve not already seen the Frozen 2 Trailer…

Frozen 2 Trailer

After showing her the trailer, we asked Little Sofa what she thought of Frozen 2.

“Good” was the reply.

I guess that means shes excited?

Stuff Found Online This Week

A random collection of stuff I’ve found online this week, that I figured was… shareable…

Something to read…

You don’t often read many pieces in the news about the positive side of gaming. Now there’s this…

Robert and Trude mourned what they thought had been a lonely and isolated life for their disabled son. But when Mats died, they discovered that people all over Europe lit candles in his memory.


Something a little funny…

A Paint app? It a little… don’t play this around small kids… Or polite people…

Something to listen to…

David Tennant! You know… Doctor 10. He’s done a podcast, where he has basically opened up his address book, and sat down for a chat with a different famous person each week.

Either way. Its like having David Tennant in your ears. Listen to it here.

Something to watch…

Not seen the latest avengers trailer yet? Watch it here…

Anything you feel I’ve missed? Please share below!

The Gummy Bear Song

I was introduced to this earlier. I mean, I was subjected to this – whats known as The Gummy Bear Song.

I felt it only right to pass the joy on…

At least its not more Baby Shark..

Baby Shark The TV Show is Coming to Netflix

You remember Baby Shark don’t you? If you’ve forgotten it you’ve probably already started singing it again. You can thank me later… Anyway. Baby Shark, that viral hit from last year, that was heard everywhere from phones, car radios, and CD players, to school halls and clubs, is coming back in a new way to Netflix.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the creators of Baby Shark have revealed that they are working to bring some “short form content” to Netflix in March.

And I thought that Boss Baby was enough to make me regret our small one being introduced to Netflix…

Big List of Favourite Things From 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, I’m stealing an idea from Barack Obama and a recent Facebook post of his where he shared his favourite things he has listened to, watched, or read over the last 12 months.

There may well be affiliate links thrown in to the mix, but if you dont know any of the below I’d encourage you to check it all out.

Some of my favourite books from this year:

Favourite Cbeebies Show

  • The Snow Queen! Yes I know it was from last year, but it took the small one a fair while to be ok with watching it, but once she was, there has been no stopping her! (I once had “Did you know Rebecca is the Snow Queen?” whispered in my ear)
  • The look of Disdain on the small ones face when I asked if the new CBeebies presenter was Topsy (from Topsy and Tim). It is indeed Evie, and I was suitably told off for such a comment.

My Favourite Movies of 2018

  • Avengers – Infinity War.
  • My Little Pony – Believe me, its underrated.
  • Thor – Ragnarok
  • The Greatest Showman
  • Doctor Strange

Theres possibly a Marvel theme going on here…

My Favourite Songs of 2018

  • A Million Dreams – Particularly the performance at the Small Ones school.
  • Voices – Switchfoot
  • Dual of The Fates – John Williams
  • 3 Lions – It was kinda the Summer Song. For a nice week anyway.
  • Zombie – Bad Wolves. Its different enough to be different to the original version, but in a good way. Plus the small one is great at singing it with her own misheard lyric slant. .

What was your favourite thing from 2018?

Stepping into Wonderland

For the last, very long time, the Dads Sofa has taken part in the #MySundayPhoto linky ran by Darren Coleshill over at Photalife. After over 5 years, he’s decided to do something different with his Sundays, and as such the #MySundayPhoto is coming to the end.

Due to lack of time, weather, and chance to take new photos, I went searching for an image that would take the above into account, as well as the start of a New Year.

I wondered if Alice, exploring some sort of Wonderland would cover it?

Thanks to Darren for his contribution to the UK Photoblogger community.


List of Safe Christmas Meal Topics

Welcome to Christmas!

A Time of peace, harmony, and good will to all men.

And then there’s the gatherings of family from all corners of the country, and political spectrums. Squeezed around a table, having an amazing meal. The problem with this picture is that there are times when you’re not eating, and you are generally meant to be talking… or something.

So what should we be talking about? In a year where it seems that many countries are divided about… something, what is safe to be talked about at Christmas time?

Here is our ideas for safe – family friendly – Christmas Dinner conversations.

Any that should be added?

Mary, and Her Christmas Parenting Problems

All parents have some parenting problems of some shape or form. For most it’s a case of NEVER SLEEPING, but for others it could be something like the kids NEVER EATING (when they are meant to), or never ever having two tidy rooms in the house.

For Mary, as in Jesus’ mum, I guess it was a slightly different set of problems she had when Jesus was born.

The problems we could come up with so far are…

  • Many, many, unexpected guests.
  • Joseph nipping out with the shepherds to wet the baby’s head.
  • The place (presumingly) looking like a barn.
  • Dealing with a Talking Donkey. (According to a Nativity I’ve seen)
  • Possibly still fielding questions about the timing of the birth / marriage.
  • Just as she’s just getting used to parenting, a bunch of “wise men” appear. “Wise Men” who give some fairly questionable gifts for a small child.
  • That kid still flipping drumming.
  • Wanting nappies as a gift… and getting myrrh.
  • Wondering if the smell was baby or animal.

I guess I’m thankful we didn’t have to put up with a little drummer boy when the small one was born.

Anything you would add to the above?